List of job & professions

  1. Management

President; Vice-President; Director; Manager; Executive Officer; CEO (Chief Executive Officer; Company Executive Officer); Deputy Director; Managing Director; Financial Director; Marketing Director; General Manager; Assistant Manager; Manager; Production Manager; Personnel Manager; Marketing Manager; Sales Manager; Project Manager; Supervisor; Inspector; Controller

  1. Office workers

Office Worker; Office Employee; Office Clerk; Filing Clerk; Receptionist; Secretary; Assistant; Typist; Stenographer

  1. Banking and financial activities

Banker; Bank Officer; Economist; Auditor; Accountant; Bookkeeper; Teller; Cashier; Bank Clerk; Financier; Treasurer; Investor; Sponsor; Stockbroker; Pawnbroker; Tax Collector

  1. Sales and stores

Sales Representative; Sales Manager; Salesperson; Salesman; Saleswoman; Salesgirl; Salesclerk; Cashier; Seller; Buyer; Wholesale Buyer; Wholesaler; Retailer; Merchant; Distributor; Dealer; Trader; Advertising Agent; Grocer; Greengrocer; Baker; Butcher; Florist

  1. Medicine

Doctor; Physician; Family Doctor; General Practitioner; Eye Specialist; Ear Specialist; Throat Specialist; Heart Specialist; Cardiologist; Surgeon; Pediatrician; Psychiatrist; Psychoanalyst; Dentist; Dietitian; Pharmacist; Veterinarian; Nurse; Paramedic; Nurse’s Aide

  1. School and college

Principal; Dean; Professor; Teacher; Instructor; School Teacher; College Teacher; University Teacher; Head Teacher; Senior Teacher; Tutor; Mentor; Counselor (Bre: Counsellor); Teacher Of Mathematics; Mathematics Teacher; Math Teacher (Bre: Maths Teacher); English Teacher; Teacher Of English; History Teacher; Music Teacher; Student; Pupil; Learner

  1. Science

Scientist; Scholar; Researcher; Explorer; Inventor; Mathematician; Physicist; Chemist; Biologist; Botanist; Zoologist; Historian; Archaeologist; Geologist; Psychologist; Sociologist; Economist; Linguist; Astronomer; Philosopher; Geographer.

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