Hey friends, I am here with our new post for IELTS exams preparation. Here, I will be sharing IELTS vocabulary which needs to be avoided and words to be used formally while giving IELTS exams and vocabulary usage in written exams.

A big no for words used informally in our spoken daily life. I have complied a list of words to be used and avoided during the IELTS test


Informal (Avoid) Neutral (Spoken) Formal (Written)
Stuff Things Possession, Items
Folks Family Relatives
Kids (Younger) Babies, Children Infants, Offspring
Kids (older) Teenagers Adolescents, Youths
Guy Man Male
Old people Elderly people Senior citizens, Retirees
Boss, Manager Supervisor, Superior
Cops Police Law enforcement
Crooks Criminals Offenders, Lawbreakers
OK, Alright Fine Acceptable, Satisfactory
Great, Awesome Good Preferable, Desirable
Rubbish, Useless Bad, Poor Unsatisfactory, Unacceptable
Nice, Polite Considerate, Agreeable
Kind, Friendly Sociable, Neighbourly
Nasty, Cheeky (person) Rude, Impolite Abusive, Disagreeable
Stupid, Crazy, Dumb (idea) Misguided, Questionable
Stupid, Crazy, Dumb (person) Misguided, Mistaken
Happy (person) Satisfied, Delighted
Happy (situation) Satisfying, Delightful
Sad (person) Regretful, Distressed
Sad (situation) Regrettable, Distressing
Sick of, Fed up with Tired of Dissatisfied with
Poor (country) Developing, Poverty stricken
Poor (person) In poverty, Underprivileged
Rich (country) Wealthy, Developed
Rich (person) Wealthy, Privileged


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