How to Learn English

To learn English requires a certain amount of commitment – in terms of time, patience and a good amount of enthusiasm. Aside from basic lessons, whether online or in a classroom, the adage, practice makes perfect, is the key ingredient to success. Obviously, the best and quickest way to learn …

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Health Benefits of Watermelon

1) Highest Alkalising Fruit ! 2) Reduces High Blood Pressure. 3) Reduce Heart Disease Risk 4) Reduce Blood Sugar Level 5) High Water Content(92%) 6) Boosts Immune System 7) Strengthens Bones 8) Produces Energy 9) Cleans Kidneys 10) Fights Cancer

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12 Universal Fart Principles

Fart Principles

1. Who denied it, supplied it 2. Who smelt it, dealt it 3. Who detected it, ejected it 4. Who said the (above) rhyme, also did the crime 5. Why is Fart A word we can’t say? Despite the fact we Fart Countless times each day? 6. What is a …

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( Passing requires only 3 correct answers out of 10 !! ). ( Only total thicko’s will fail !! ) 1) How long did the Hundred Years’ War last? 2) Which country makes Panama hats? 3) From which animal do we get cat gut? 4) In which month do Russians …

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Latin Abbreviations In English

English with Latin Abbreviations

A.D. (anno domini): in the year of the Lord A.M. (ante meridiem): before midday B.A. (Baccalaureus Artium): Bachelor of Arts B.Sc. (Baccalaureus Scientiae): Bachelor of Science D.G. (Del Gratia): By the grace of God D.Lit. (Doctor Litterarum): Doctor of Literature D.M. (Doctor Medicinae): Doctor of Medicine e.g. (exemplify gratis): for …

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